Elastislide and WordPress

Elastislide is a useful jQuery plugin which allows the easy setup of horizontal carousels of images that are responsive and touch-enabled (swipe-able). However, I came across a problem when trying to install Elastislide in a WordPress deployment for a ‘logo parade’. Nothing would show up.

After a bit of hair-pulling I figured that it was an issue with jQuery versions. My WordPress theme was using jQuery 1.7.2 and Elastislide (at the time of writing) comes with jQuery 1.6.1 and there was obviously a conflict. I tried both versions and either Elastislide broke OR some other aspect of the WordPress build.

The solution was to move to jQuery 1.8.2 – usually this is a case of tweaking the functions.php file or header.php file in your wordpress theme to point to the newer jQuery file. Now everything is working and there are no conflicts it seems. That might help someone. Looking forward to the arrival of a Elastislide plugin for WordPress.

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  1. Hakan Altun says:


    i am trying to use elastislide in wordpress too. I can’t achive this. Is it possible to send the files to me? Or share in this post?

    Please help, i need this very badly.

  2. chrisd says:

    hi there, i can’t share the files i’m afraid as it’s part of a bespoke theme build for a client. but basically you can grab the latest jQuery (1.8.2) from http://jquery.com/ which solved my issue (see above). You just need to find the place in your wordpress theme where the jQuery.js file is called. it might be in the header.php or functions.php file (or similar). it really depends on your theme structure.

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