An idea for Tweetdeck

January 15, 2010

I love Tweetdeck but never seem to have enough columns, so i started thinking about how it would be useful to be able to define key search terms and access them really easily (without having to scroll every-which-way or juggle columns). This is a quick first mockup for this suggested feature. If you’re a Tweetdeck …more

New UK plug design

December 16, 2009

The familiar 3-pin UK plug was designed in the 1940s but it’s the bulkiest in the world. An RCA design student has reinvented it… (I still think we should be looking at integrated DC circuits in houses – do away with all these bulky hot transformers which so many appliances use now…)

Boom! A new creative resource in Bath

December 3, 2009

Creative Boom Bath is a blog and online community aimed at the creative industries in and around Bath. It is run by Creative Boom magazine in partnership with Highlight PR in Bath, a specialist PR agency for creative firms. tallhatDesign is featured (Dec 1st 2009) • And don’t forget for more creative industry news …more

Website launch for The Globe Inn

November 25, 2009

The Globe Inn at Frampton Cotterell near Bristol wanted a website that would be easy for them to update. We designed and built the site using WordPress as the CMS. We also took the photographs and build the Frome Valley Walkway Google map to help promote the pub. •

Wherever the Need

November 9, 2009

“Wherever the Need” are a Bath-based charity who provide water facilities and long-term sanitation to specific parts of Africa and India. As part of their PR and awareness activity we helped plan and build 2 campaign websites this year; Doorway to Dignity and Dinners for Dignity, which encourage people to get involved in fundraising and …more

We’re on again

November 4, 2009 is now featuring two of our puzzles in it’s “expert” section. I guess that means they’re difficult… Jigscale is a mix of tetris and a jigsaw, with the added twist that you can scale the pieces. • Fourbyfour is a simple grid of squares in two colours, and the aim is to get …more

Two tallhatDesign logos now awarded

September 2, 2009

Logo of the day at the ‘Logo from Dreams’ Awards website. Our Seed to Plate logo was featured 1 September 2009 and our Widjiti Wines logo last year. See both here:

E-commerce design featured on ‘Shopify Theme Gallery’

June 16, 2009 has featured our Shopify design for Bibico Fairtrade Fashion. “Bibico is a UK-based women’s Fairtrade fashion shop. A clean bespoke Shopify theme designed by and developed in partnership with”