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tallhatDesign specialises in designing and making simple Flash-based puzzles for websites. We have found that puzzles like these can provide a great marketing opportunity for businesses. If they are simple and fun to do, people send them on to their friends, who in turn do the same. This can quickly snowball - spreading awareness of the associated brand, product or service by “word of mouth” (or “virally” as marketeers describe it). We have also found that making these types of puzzles into real ‘competitions’ enhances their marketing potential, with prize incentives driving significant increases in web traffic.

If you have a brand, product or service we can devise a puzzle, game or animation to help market it. We can then design, programme, compile and test the final Flash file which can then be added to your own website. Alternatively, you can license existing Flash puzzle formats that we have previously created; these include Wordsearches, Crossword style puzzles, Jigsaws, Match puzzles, Quizzes, Logic Puzzles, Grid puzzles and Mazes (see www.tallhat.com/puzzles.htm for ideas. These can all be rebranded and/or adapted to suit, but all at much lower cost than bespoke puzzle development.)

  We have created Flash-based puzzles and games for many well known UK clients: the BBC, Orange, Guinness, Peugeot. We have also worked with much smaller businesses, where viral marketing activity can be just as effective in promoting products or brands.

For further information, quotes or just a chat, please visit the tallhatDesign homepage and contact us using the online form.