New website for Garden Affairs

August 15, 2016

We’ve worked with Garden Affairs over a number of years and have just launched a brand new responsive ModX website for them, updating their overall look-and-feel, implementing new functionality and content, and improving the back-end/CMS experience from the previous site. “We are already seeing improved enquiries coming from the site and have had excellent …more

Google font review – typefaces with a primary-school-style lowercase ‘a’

April 13, 2016

On a recent project i was looking at web font options for a particular style consistent with primary school typeface usage – i.e. where the lowercase ‘a’ has no top arch (also called “single-story”). There are several usual suspects here, such as Sassoon Primary, FSAlbert, Futura, even (shudder) Comic Sans! I thought I’d also check …more

Integral Change – rebrand and new site

February 3, 2016

Requirement: To overhaul branding and an ageing website design and rebuild using a improved CMS. Deliverables: Brand assets, Directing photo shoot, Structural site consultancy (review existing site, assess information hierarchy and usability); website design visuals; build project management (WordPress); training and handover. Website:

New brand and website for Highlight PR

February 3, 2016

tallhatDesign has worked with Highlight PR in Bath for a number of years. They were looking for an update to their corporate identity and a fresh, responsive website. We created a number of brand concepts, then developed the final logo, artwork and brand guidelines. We then built a brand new website and managed the migration …more

Piano Portals brand launched

February 3, 2016

2016 sees the launch of a new brand for a piano tutoring product from new company ‘Piano Portals’. Further details on our portfolio page: Piano Portals

Simon Lees Photography – new website

November 12, 2014

We were asked to design and produce a new website for Bath-based photographer Simon Lees. Using the WordPress framework allowed us to provide him with a full CMS for the site, giving him control of the content and galleries to manage himself in the future. A key consideration with the site design was to really …more

Telly Voices – A New London Voice Artist Agency

November 12, 2014

tallhatDesign was commissioned to design and produce a website for this new Voice Artist Agency. A database driven site with a CMS and data collection for artists’ submissions was required, and we also provided consultancy and CMS training to the in-house team to manage their listed artists. The site provides various search and filtering options …more

A few new launches

March 31, 2014

This is long overdue, and I still need to update the portfolio, but recent site launches for tallhatDesign include: 1) A portfolio and showcase website for Director of Photography Roger Chapman – – this WordPress site makes extensive use of video content. 2) Artbiz – is a responsive WordPress site for business consultant Keith …more

New year, New office

January 7, 2014

Happy New Year for 2014! The new year is a fresh start with a change of office. tallhatDesign is now located in the new Coworking Bath ‘Hub’ also called ‘The Guild‘ (appropriately next door to the Guildhall in the centre of Bath [Google map], next to the weir). The main tallhatDesign phone number 01225 445505 remains …more

Beware of 123-reg and their auto-renewal tactics

November 15, 2012

Many years ago I registered 3 domains for a client with About 18 months ago the client ceased to exist and the domains because surplus to requirement. I believe I then set the domains to ‘expire’ via the 123-reg control panel because otherwise I knew they would be auto-renewed and I’d be charged.

Fast forward to today (15 November). I received an email saying 123 had renewed the domains and had taken the money…

Twitter feeds suddenly empty?

October 18, 2012

Or showing something like ‘No public twitter messages’? It’s probably because Twitter have recently changed the method used for third party sites and plugins to display tweets inline and your site code is using the old method which has now been discontinued. The solution is to…

Elastislide and WordPress

October 1, 2012

Elastislide is a useful jQuery plugin which allows the easy setup of horizontal carousels of images that are responsive and touch-enabled (swipe-able). However, I came across a problem when trying to install Elastislide in a WordPress deployment for a ‘logo parade’. Nothing would show up. After a bit of hair-pulling I figured that it was …more

Scrollcase template – now available on Themeforest

August 15, 2012

We have produced a second responsive HTML5/jquery web template which is designed to work well on modern browsers AND on iPad, iPhone etc. It’s just been approved at Themeforest and is now available for $12 – so if you’re looking for a web template which has a one-page format and scrolling transitions plus Flexslider and …more

Bath Cake Company

June 1, 2012

Absolutely delicious! Cakes cakes cakes… We designed and produced the website for Bath Cake Company. The website is set up using the WordPress platform, which provides a great way to keep the site content up-to-date and ‘in house’. We provided training and also set up a comprehensive photo gallery which can be filtered by category.

Slidexy template – now available at Themeforest!

February 16, 2012

We’re testing the water in the template/theme market and have produced a dynamic and responsive HTML5 web template which is designed to work well on modern browsers AND on iPad, iPhone etc. It’s just been approved at Themeforest and is now available for $12 – so if you’re looking for a web template that’s a …more

Garden Affairs

November 11, 2011

This garden buildings company came to us to help rebrand and build them a full database-driven CMS website to showcase their products. We chose the modX framework for the website, given the complexity and scope of the data structure and hierarchies. We trained the client who was then able to input all their images and …more

Nick Shipp Architects

November 11, 2011

Nick Shipp Architects required a full rebrand and a new website to showcase their work. The rebrand involved the presentation of a number of logo concepts which were developed following client feedback to the ‘sign-off’ stage, after which stationery artwork was produced and we moved on to the website design and build. The website required …more

Two Can Design

November 1, 2011

Not a typical web ‘design’ project – the client are a design agency themselves and wanted to produce something a little different. They also had their own visual ideas and artwork, and were looking for a partner to help implement their ideas. To begin with we looked at the options for implementing this type of …more

Highlight PR

November 1, 2011

We designed the new branding, stationery and website for this Bath-based PR company. The website is based on the popular WordPress platform, which was already familiar to the business owner, and provides a great way to keep the site content up-to-date and ‘in house’. A bespoke WordPress theme was designed and developed. We also designed …more

20 Top Google Web Fonts

July 14, 2011

The last couple of years has seen the rise of the embedded web font. At last it’s become practical to use more than the handful of standard system fonts within websites. There are many options for embedding web fonts, but surely one of the most ubiquitous sources is Google. They currently have 197 font families …more