On a recent project i was looking at web font options for a particular style consistent with primary school typeface usage – i.e. where the lowercase ‘a’ has no top arch (also called “single-story”). There are several usual suspects here, such as Sassoon Primary, FSAlbert, Futura, even (shudder) Comic Sans!

I thought I’d also check through Google Fonts, and there are quite a few options for web fonts. I’ve compiled a quick list here, ordered by ‘number of styles’ each typeface has available (this tends to be a good indicator of typeface completeness/quality – though several useful ‘display’ typefaces often only have 1 style):

Typeface (+ link)
Styles Notes (all have single-story “a” glyphs)
Josephin Sans 10
Poppins 5
Amaranth* 4 Also has a loopy ‘k’ + simple ‘g’
Caudex 4 Serif
Quicksand 3 Quirky, widesp a c e d
Comfortaa 3 Quirky
AbeeZee 2
Montserratt Alternates 2 Unusual ‘z’ (central beam)
Sniglet 2 Quirky
Bree Serif 1
Questrial 1
Righteous 1 Quirky
Fredoka One 1 Quirky (very bold)
Paytone One 1 Quirky (very bold)
Viga 1 Quirky
Carter One 1 Quirky (very bold)
Inder 1
Imprima* 1 Also has a loopy ‘k’ + simple ‘g’
Andika 1
Salsa* 1 Quirky, has a loopy ‘k’ + simple ‘g’
Ruluko* 1 Also has a loopy ‘k’ + simple ‘g’
Ranga 1 Quirky

This isn’t 100% complete, there are a few more quirky “display font” options.

Fonts marked * also have a loopy ‘k’. Also consider the lowercase ‘g’ shape for children.

Also note that many fonts have non-arch ‘a’s in their italic sets.

UPDATE October 2018

It’s been a while since i checked or updated these. For now, there are a couple of new ones worth considering:

Nirimit https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Niramit (6 weights)
Didact Gothic: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Didact+Gothic (1 weight)

UPDATE January 2021

A few new ones worth considering – Google has added quite a few new ‘variable’ fonts (variable fonts don’t have fixed ‘sets’ for different weights, they have algorithmic sets which can be adjusted to pretty much any ‘weight’:

Montserrat Alternates


  • Thanks for this list! I’m also working on a project that requires a single-story a. It’s really tricky to find a good one that has a useful amount of styles.

  • Thanks for collecting these, I looked through the google list a dozen times and never caught that serif option ‘Caudex.’

    I wish there was a more rounded serif option for the younglings.. but Caudex works for what I need.

    Appreciate it!

    • hi – from google fonts you can download the font files and install them directly onto your computer. on a mac i use the “Font Book’ app to manage font installations – things will be different on a Windows machine.

    • Thanks Douglas – will check it out. Perhaps it’s been added since i did this post a while back?

  • Geometric sans serif typefaces are those that employ basic geometric shapes?—?rectangle, triangle, and circle. First of all, these are the likes of 1920—19 German grotesks?—?e.g. Futura, Kabel,?—?they usually have a circular О . The second subgroup are typefaces with simplified, geometrically stylised shapes which initially had to do with industrial production?—?e.g. DIN, Bank Gothic, Eurostile. Some of them are sometimes classified as

  • Thank you so much for this resource! Children’s librarian here, and I want to make resources for my early reader and reluctant reader kids but I often see them stop when they encounter these odd-shaped g’s and a’s and k’s. Sometimes, these letters cause great frustration. My brother has dysgraphia, and I can only imagine what dyslexia must be like with these weird shapes. I want at least what comes out of our department to be consistent and easy-to-read. Thanks for making that possible, and for keeping it updated! Will be bookmarking for future updates, and sharing with my team!

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