New website for ‘The Dire Straits Experience’

September 5, 2016

tallhatDesign was approached to create a new website for ‘The Dire Straits Experience’ – a band containing several original members of Dire Straits and recreating the sound and live experience of this hugely popular group. A key aim was to make use of tour photography to get across the energy and scale of the live …more

Beware of 123-reg and their auto-renewal tactics

November 15, 2012

Many years ago I registered 3 domains for a client with About 18 months ago the client ceased to exist and the domains because surplus to requirement. I believe I then set the domains to ‘expire’ via the 123-reg control panel because otherwise I knew they would be auto-renewed and I’d be charged.

Fast forward to today (15 November). I received an email saying 123 had renewed the domains and had taken the money…

Twitter feeds suddenly empty?

October 18, 2012

Or showing something like ‘No public twitter messages’? It’s probably because Twitter have recently changed the method used for third party sites and plugins to display tweets inline and your site code is using the old method which has now been discontinued. The solution is to…

Elastislide and WordPress

October 1, 2012

Elastislide is a useful jQuery plugin which allows the easy setup of horizontal carousels of images that are responsive and touch-enabled (swipe-able). However, I came across a problem when trying to install Elastislide in a WordPress deployment for a ‘logo parade’. Nothing would show up. After a bit of hair-pulling I figured that it was …more